Welome to Mumbai!

Mumbai greeted us with hot and humid night air. After walking through a long corridor to the arrivals hall, all that was left to do was wait for the driver that our host sent for us. We witnessed a peculiar activity – smoking the whole hall (along with all the passengers) with something that smelled like lamp oil. The result was that the mosquitos hiding in the greenery were now flying among us.


Our first impression of Mumbai? Chaos, but an orderly one. Everybody was beeping at everybody, pushing through the traffic, but by some miracle there’s no accidents. We’ll tell you about riding a tuk-tuk in a separate article. After we arrived at our host’s place, we got some sleep, after which we went out for a walk to find an ATM. You have to know that bringing the Indian currency, which is the rupee, in and out of the country is illegal. When we finally got hold of some cash, we could go sightseeing.

As our host advised, we went to visit the Isckon Temple (a Hare Krishna movement temple), where we witnessed the ceremony of showing the gods’ statues and prayer, in which many believers participated. We took the chance to get some free food at the temple, after which we made a small (very small, as it turned out) donation to the temple.

After that, we went towards Juhu beach, passing by our first holy cow. After a short rest we took a tuk-tuk (xD) back home, also finding out why there’s no accidents. See, the Hindus are very superstitious and they use a whole lot of amulets of sorts. The one on the picture below is supposed to protect from accidents on the road.


In the evening we went to the market to look for some clothes and eat something for dinner. It was our first contact with street food, which turned out to be not only delicious, but also cheap! There’s a lot to be said about Indian cuisine and so we won’t write about it here. Instead, we’ll write a separate article about it 🙂

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