Our last day in Mumbai

Boy, did we sleep well! Too well 🙂 We didn’t plan anything for today, so after packing up we set out to print our train ticket to Mathura. As it turned out, we were still on the waiting list, which really made us anxious. A bit of explanation – in India there’s a train seat booking system and despite booking ours on January 31st, we were already on the 15th and 16th waiting list spots. We were now only two spots ahead.


Luckily eventually it turned out at the station that we made the passenger list and we officially had seats 🙂 The train ride itself went smoothly and was very enjoyable. No wonder, given that we rode in one of the highest classes (all the others were completely booked for that date) and were served like kings 🙂 We’ll write more about AC 3 Tier (that’s the train class name) in a topic regarding Indian railways, because there’s a lot to be said. Meanwhile this is the view that greeted us after being woken up for morning tea at 6:00.


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