Mumbai, day 3

We got up in the morning and finally went for some small clothes shopping. Our host, dr Siddharth, recommended a couple of places, advising us that the safest would be Star Bazaar due to the fixed price tags. We’d have to bargain in other places and we’re not sure how that would’ve ended up 😀

Before we entered, we were searched by security – this is (now at least) a standard procedure almost everywhere in India, as a terrorism countermeasure. You’ll find gates, frisking and checking backpack contents in cinemas, malls, stations and temples, among others.

When we got in, we were pleased to see that, despite the name, Star Bazaar is a supermarket, and not a mediocre one either! From attire, through kitchen accessories, to groceries – a really large assortment and a huge choice of merchandise. You’d really want to buy out half of the store. After a bit of browsing and fitting, we bought a few clothing items, and because it was hot, we threw in a ton of cold drinks, which were delicious by the way, albeit unusual (e.g. cardamom milk or chocolate with pieces of almonds).


After shopping we took the metro to the station, where we took the train to Mahalakshmi. The first thing we saw was the famous dhobi ghat, which is supposedly the largest laundry of this kind in Asia.


Later we took a walk to the Mahalakshmi Temple. Since we didn’t know the rituals, we didn’t really know what to do, but you could really feel the atmosphere watching Hindus in prayer.


Next, we went to the grand Haji Ali mosque, which was accessible due to low tide (the mosque is off shore and the path that leads to it is drowned in water during high tide). We prayed there, after which we went to a nearby muslim joint, where we ordered grilled chicken. It was served with tasty buns and a brutally hot sauce.


After we ate, we took a taxi to the station and, almost sleeping, we went back to Andheri.

We rested for a while and went out for dinner. This time around we landed a “dosa”, which is like a crisp tortilla with different stuffings and sauces. We ordered takeaway and ate at home. While we were eating, the doctor made a surprise and invited us to him to eat dinner with his family. We were full, but how could we ever decline 🙂 We ate a southern snack – deep fried banana chips – and a chicken paratha. We talked, laughed, and he showed us the view from his apartment (on the 15th floor). His balcony gives you chills, but Mumbai at night seen from that height is amazing, as you can see on the attached image 🙂 Lastly, we took a group picture and after a long goodbye, went back home.


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