Happy Holi!

Our Holi started on the 5th, when we left the hotel to get some breakfast. To be frank – after around 10 meters our shirts weren’t white anymore, instead they were covered in abstract patterns that even Picasso wouldn’t be ashamed of. Here’s an picture of us after returning from the restaurant (a 5 minute walk to and fro).


On this day the Hindus celebrate the burning of Holika. Apart from throwing colored powder and splashing colored water at one another, in the evening there’s a bonfire made from anything (branches, tires, cow manure), which is then used to burn bunches of wheat and other grains, as well as smaller, dried cow dung, which is then taken home.


You can read more about Holika Dahan (the burning of Holika) and Holi itself here: http://www.holifestival.org/holi-festival.html

We thought the next day – the actual day of Holi – would be the same. Boy, were we wrong. What was happening on the 6th was beyond our imagination 🙂 Yes, there was throwing colors and dousing in water, but a hundred times more than the day before. Add to that a huge crowd of people and you have the slightest idea of what Holi looks like. But if you think that you know how the whole festival looks like, you’re wrong. It’s just indescribable 😀 To picture the situation, here’s what we looked like after walking half a kilometer along the main street. We’ll probably add a movie when we come back to Poland :>



Not even the cows were spared 😀


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