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Right of the bat, let’s start with a definition:

ChiJo – a two-person kombo that loves to try new dishes and explore the world.Now to make things a bit more interesting, we’ll describe each other:

Chi (Chimp/Ch1mp) – a programmer that takes his job not only as his duty, but a fascinating hobby. He likes to play the accordion, do card tricks, solve a Rubik’s cube, study Japanese, and the best thing is that he’s good at it, since he takes every hobby very seriously and aims for perfection. The same thing goes for cooking, thanks to which he’s become a master of preparing various meat – try his chicken or steak! In order to wind down he sharpens knives on whet-stones and surfs 9gag with a passion. He’s gotten hooked on traveling fairly recently, but I think he’ll be as fond of it as I am pretty soon 🙂 One more thing – Chimp is taking care of the technical side of this blog and it’s thanks to him that it’s working 😀

Jo (Jola/Jurand) – a physiotherapist by education, and a veterinary technician from love – she adores everything that has to do with animals – not only with pets! – and this pretty much replaces her maternal instinct 😀 A huge fan of traveling! With her motto of “a year without a journey is a year lost”, she does everything she can to make the most of every year. She’s a master of organization and finding (or creating) order in chaos and I must say that what she does is a piece of art! Another of her passions is cooking, and she happens to possess an unheard of sense of taste – her seasonings are mouth-watering. Her form of relaxation is a good dance-training session, a board game and dates in Beregost. It’s her talents that made this journey possible 🙂

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